Why You Need A Professional Auctioneer

If you are hosting an upcoming fundraising or charity event, you might be asking yourself, “Do I really need a professional auctioneer?” At Your FUNdraising Team, we know it is a necessity and an investment. You need a team that can connect with your audience, along with having specific experience in helping non-profits maximize donations. Call Your FUNdraising Team today to learn more, or reach out to Eric Goodman and our team online. We serve the entire Denver, Colorado, metro region, as well as events all over the country. 

Do I really need a professional auctioneer for my fundraiser or charity event?

Yes! Charity and fundraising auctions are a great way for your organization to make money or secure donations during an event. And with the right professional auctioneer, you can maximize your event’s donations. 

For your event to be successful, you need an auctioneer who knows how to fully connect with your audience. Think about it — at a live auction, who is the most important person that will make it a success? It’s the auctioneer. They guide the event and maximize the bidding from the guests. Hiring the right professional auctioneer can be the difference between a good event and one that scores maximum profits for your organization.

If you are searching for a professional auctioneer, look no further than Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team. Eric has raised millions of dollars for organizations all over the country.

Remember, hiring a professional fundraising auctioneer isn’t an expense. Instead, think of it as an investment that will provide your organization with maximum donations.

A happy couple standing outside of their home in Spokane, Washington after a successful mold remediation project

Can’t I use a traditional auctioneer for my event?

No, we don’t suggest it. Traditional auctioneers sell real estate, livestock, automobiles, and belongings. They speak fast, because their job is to sell as quickly as possible. Think about it — at real estate auctions, everything at the property must be sold, and the auctioneer only has a few hours to do it. 

Being a professional benefit auctioneer for fundraisers and charity events is a little different. They often MC the event and keep the audience engaged by being a showman. Why? Because professional auctioneers need to connect with the audience at the event. They also need to be someone who connects with the ideals and mission of your organization. That means that professional charity auctioneers sometimes slow down the process to mix in some entertainment and comedy to engage and connect to the audience. You want someone talking to your audience, not at your audience.

Another key difference between a traditional auctioneer and a professional fundraising auctioneer is how they think. The traditional auctioneer is trying to maximize the price of each item. Alternatively, the professional charity auctioneer is trying to maximize donations from the entire room. 

Your FUNdraising Team takes great care in making personal connections. Furthermore, we are trained in serving the needs of fundraising and charity auctions.

Goldman Global does more than simply MC your event.

We work with you to create:

  • Timeline Strategy
  • Auction Strategy
  • Winning Missions Moment Strategy
  • Paddle Raise Strategy

We also offer extensive knowledge in:

  • Item procurement
  • Developing audiences
  • Other revenue-generating activities
  • Contract issues
  • Marketing 

And Eric’s strategies work. Recently he was able to secure over $1 million in donations for Firefly Autism during the Laugh Yourself Blue event. 

When you choose Your FUNdraising Team, we take the time to answer all of your questions and develop the best strategies for financial success at your upcoming event.

The Your FUNdraising Team team dedicates all our efforts to charity and fundraising auction events. We aren’t involved in any other types of auctions, so we are truly experts in the fundraising field.

Why choose Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team

As a leader of a non-profit, we understand that you have a tight budget. Therefore, you want to choose an auctioneer who adds significant value. 

We aren’t just auctioneers. At Your FUNdraising Team, our team takes the time to understand the goals of your organization. When you hire a fundraising auctioneer, you want someone who does more than simply show up the night of the event and stand in front of the mic. You need a team that is part of the planning process to maximize donations. Your FUNdraising Team does just that. 

Furthermore, Eric is known for his humor and passion — two traits that connect with audiences. 

Our team also has a history of helping organizations exceed their fundraising goals. Eric understands the needs of non-profit organizations because he worked with several of them for years while honing his public speaking skills with experience as a television sports anchor, most notably at CNN and a main television sports anchor in Chicago and Denver, as well as a radio sports talk show host in Denver.

A happy couple standing outside of their home in Spokane, Washington after a successful mold remediation project

What types of organizations does Your FUNdraising Team work with?

Eric has experience auctioneering for many types of organizations, including:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Churches
  • Non-profits
  • Charities

These are just some of the organizations Your FUNdraising Team has worked with. Call the office today to learn more. We are happy to share our successes at events we have worked in the past and will offer references at your request to ensure your trust. Eric also offers video clips of previous events, so you can see the way he connects with audiences while actively running the auction. 

Ready to learn more about how Your FUNdraising Team can help maximize your fundraising efforts at your upcoming event? Reach out to the team online or call our office today for immediate assistance.