Tips for A Successful Live Auction

Winning Timeline Strategy

The most important mission for your live auction event is to raise money. And if you script a well-paced timeline, you’ll have a much better chance of maximizing your fundraising goals. A timeline is directly linked to raising the most money. Our experience has allowed us to see what works and doesn’t work. Planning an effective timeline and executing it can be overwhelming. We can help you. Our strategy works and it will help you raise the most money.

Eric Goodman auctioneering a successful live auction event in Denver.
A smiling participant raises a bid card during a live auction event.

Live Auction Winning Strategy

Developing the right strategy for a live auction goes “hand-in-hand” with the execution. Your FUNdraising Team has a proven track record of making sure your live auction raises the most money. A live auction is far more than just finding a bunch of items. Many think this is a simple process. Our year’s of experience, suggests it isn’t as easy as it looks. Let Your FUNdraising Team put you in a position to succeed, so we can make your live auction an overwhelming success.

Winning Missions Moment Strategy

Your mission moment is the catalyst to a successful paddle raise. When your audience understand where the money is going, they’re more willing to give. The mission moment is done right before the paddle raise. It’s like loading a racehorse into the gate. Then, watch the auctioneer take that horse on a thrilling and record fundraising finish.  There are many ways to put together an effective mission moment. If this is put together the right way, just sit back and enjoy everyone in the room raise their paddles. We will help you put together the best mission moment so your paddle raise is a huge success. 

Eric Goodman talks to two guests at a charity event in Colorado.

Working Together As A Team and A Community

Winning Paddle Raise Strategy

A winning paddle raise strategy is based on the right technique and execution. A paddle raise is much more than just asking for money.  It’s about using a strategy to get everyone working together to create a community of fundraising. Your FUNdraising Team creates an environment where your donors feel part of a team, not individuals. People are more willing to give as part of a group, which in turn, promotes camaraderie to raise a record amount for your non-profit. This is a proven track record that’s helped multiple organizations double their paddle raiser totals from the previous year. Contact Your FUNdraising Team today for your consultation, or reach out to our team using this website.

Happy people sitting around tables raising bid cards during a live charity fundraising auction.