For a successful charity event, you need an auctioneer who knows how to connect with your audience. Fortunately, nonprofits and charity organizations in Denver, Colorado, can turn to Your FUNdraising Team to help maximize donation dollars during your events. As the region’s top charity event auctioneer, Eric Goodman has secured millions for local organizations. 

Need another reason to choose Eric Goodman as your gala’s charity event auctioneer? Check out these stellar reviews from some of our satisfied clients. 

Wilder Silent Auction Chair
Wilder Silent Auction Chair
Eric was our auctioneer for the 2023 Wilder Elementary auction. He generated 45 percent more!!! money than our previous year between the live auction/paddle raise and his tips for bead sales etc! Eric was more than an auctioneer. He was our event consultant throughout the process who provided instrumental strategies. He was readily available/easy/fun to work with! He was passionate about earning more $ for our elementary school and pushed us to do so! Everyone raved about him and we are happy to work with him in the future! I can't recommend him highly enough! - Kathryn Tompkins, Wilder Auction Chair
John Kietzmann
John Kietzmann
Eric is a true professional. He knows what he is doing and has years of experience to back it up. Eric will work with you to put together a vision and then go make it happen.
Natalee Roeder
Natalee Roeder
The best decision I made in planning my event was to have Eric as our auctioneer. He absolutely knows what he is doing and how to help your organization bring in every dollar that is out there to be raised. He coached and supported me, a rookie event coordinator, through the whole planning process. He set us up for success and then he took care of the rest at the event. We got results that astounded us - literally 10 times the amount of our goal! Eric helped us set a new bar for our fundraising at events and otherwise. We will definitely be having Eric at our events in the future! In fact, he will be at our upcoming annual event again this year.
Linda Pace
Linda Pace
We were so pleased with Eric and his professionalism! He was great to work with leading up to the event. At the event he helped us raise almost twice as much as our goal. He knows his business and the outcomes tell the story. Thanks Eric!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson
If ever I were to bend over backwards and publicly support someone it is with Eric Goodman. This is the last Auctioneer you will ever need. Eric understands the power of service and took the time to learn about our nonprofit's mission, vision, and values prior to the event. During the event it was as if Eric was part of the team and he blew everything out of the water. We are a Veteran nonprofit and I can endorse Eric as a veteran-centric and military cultural competent. Great working with Eric and looking forward to next year's gala!
Malinda J
Malinda J
Eric is incredible! Yes, at your event he will ensure that you raise as much money as possible, while still being engaging and entertaining to your guests. I watched Eric at a previous event and knew we had to have him at our event and I am glad we did! Every staff member, guest, and speaker with whom we have spoken has complimented Eric and stated how great he was for the event. BUT he also is an incredible asset leading up to your event. We did not use his offer of support as early as we should have, but I guarantee next year we will take him up on every offer he makes. He knows what he is doing and taking him up on his offers to help will make your life easier and your event that much more incredible. We will definitely be using Eric again next year!!
Linda Holloway
Linda Holloway
The last two years, Bessie's Hope has had the privilege to work with Eric Goodman as both auctioneer and emcee for our Bridge of Love virtual gala. Eric represented our organization and work with deep sincerity and with compassion and empathy toward the nursing home elders we serve. His charismatic personality and enthusiasm reach out and touch the event attendees. We are grateful for you and to you, Eric. You are a genuinely special person.
Joy Hall
Joy Hall
If you need an auctioneer, than Eric is your man! He will not disappoint! He does his research and comes prepared. He knows how to read the crowd and adapts beautifully on the fly. I can't imagine working with anyone other than Eric Goodman for our auctioneer.
Gary Reece
Gary Reece
Eric did an outstanding job for our organization in a virtual event we held this past weekend. He did the work ahead of the event to ensure his success this night of. He really got us started with confidence to hold a virtual event in the first place by guiding us through the early stages of organizing the event. And then he spent hours preparing for his portion of the event to make certain he understood our fundraising goals and every nuance of the live auction items we had to sell. While he knocked it out of the park for this virtual event, I would imagine that his enthusiasm, sense of humor and technique would be even more successful in front of a live crowd. Great job!
Cindy Thomas
Cindy Thomas
Eric did a terrific job for us at our recent gala. He really read and engaged our crowd resulting in a much higher response to our special ask. HIs expertise was a huge benefit to the event. He was great to work with and I learned a lot from him. Thank you, Eric!!

The Denver Post

“I’ve seen a lot of wonderful things happen over the course of the 34 years that I have been covering charitable fundraising events for The Denver Post. But never have I witnessed anything like what happened at the 2019 edition of Firefly Autism’s Laugh Yourself Blue.

​Organizers were already over the moon to have a record attendance of 800-plus, but nothing could have prepared them for the results of the special appeal that took place in the moments before headline comedian Adam Clayton-Holland took the stage.

In roughly 10 minutes, auctioneer Eric Goodman secured $1 million — that’s right, $1 million! — In donations.”

-Joanne Davidson

Executive Director Firefly Autism

“Eric Goodman’s style and his gift of gab to connect with the audience really became apparent this year, when one of our donors committed a $500K dollar-for-dollar match and Eric was able to raise it the $500K that resulted in raising $1,000,000 in 10 minutes!!!  Eric brings professionalism, a great sense of humor and a passion for any organization he’s representing!  I would recommend him to anyone and I let all my colleagues in the industry know that if they want to raise money, Eric Goodman is their man!”

Jesse Ogas

Director of Special Events for Mullen High School

“Eric is the reason why we raised the most money in the Live Auction and Paddle Raiser in 60 years. Both his energy and control of the crowd were unsurpassed. He has some clever ways to keep everyone focused and involved in the fundraising process. I recommend Eric as an auctioneer. We have not used him as an emcee; however, I believe he would also be wonderful in this capacity.”

Marie Adamson

Denver Broncos Safety

“Eric was unbelievable and did such a great job! He was assertive, not aggressive. He made the auction so fun to participate in. He was personable and funny.  He captured the whole audience’s attention with each new item. He is absolutely one of the best auctioneers I’ve ever seen!”

Justin Simmons

Director of Operations for Epic Experience

“We had a great experience working with Eric over multiple years. His passion and energy for the work he does in helping non-profits achieve their goals come through as soon as he hits the stage. He shared our mission so well and that is something that every non-profit needs for their events. He’s the best auctioneer we have worked with yet!”

Colin Ferro

Director of Advancement for Evergreen Country Day School

“Eric was thorough, prepared, and thoughtful in his approach and he killed it!!  Not only did he read the crowd well and pace things appropriately, but he is hilarious and had the crowd howling. He was by far the best auctioneer we have had in the last few years, maybe ever and we are excited to have him back again for next year’s event. I highly recommend Eric!”

Samantha Boggs

Executive Director of The Lion Project

“Eric Goodman has been a professional voice and champion for us at the Lion Project. We have yet to meet another talent with so much passion. He brings with him incredible energy, excitement and a tasteful sense of humor. We love the job he does every year at our Galas and we’ll continue to utilize his expertise. He has been a key component in doubling our revenue from Gala to Gala.” 

Zakery Ferry

Special Events Coordinator for Lutheran Family Services

“Eric did a fantastic job at our recent gala, which is our agency’s premier fundraising event.  This was our second year working with Eric, and both years he exceeded our expectations.  Eric is professional, direct, and has a great sense of humor, making him a joy to work with.  And, not only did Eric help us meet our fundraising goal, but we nearly doubled it!  I highly recommend working with Eric.”

Katie Scherr

Business Partner with the Lion’s Club

“As part of my company’s mission, we participate in a variety of community-centered activities.  Our focus has been on work with the Lion Project – a growing non-profit that helps a variety of missions every year.  Like all non-profit organizations, The Lion Project holds a gala to help raise money to further the cause.  For the last 2 years, Eric Goodman as hosted our event.  Eric brought an amazing energy to our events each year that’s helped radically increased our fundraising totals.  There is an authenticity and enthusiasm that draws people in and makes them want to be a bigger part of the group that they love.  I’m looking forward to what we can get done at this year’s event!”

Rob Peterson

Donor at the 2018 Denver Big Brothers Big Sisters Event

“I attended the Boys and Club fundraising dinner in Denver and was impressed by the auctioneer, Eric Goodman. Not only did the room have a great vibe and people seemed to be having fun, but also Goodman was able to seamlessly weave in the important message and values of the organization. And that doesn’t happen without an auctioneer who knows what he’s doing.” 

Doug Ottewill

Executive Vice President at First Bank

“Eric Goodman brings the same passion and energy that we have grown accustomed to on the radio to his event and fundraising work.  Eric is witty and really engages with the audience on an individual level.  And in both events that I have seen Eric, he’s exceeded their fundraising goals and one doubled its goal.  I had no doubt that Eric added a ton of momentum to both events and frankly made them fun and memorable.  Eric is a true professional in this space and can be trusted to provide a great experience for your guests and great results for your cause.”

Joe Fortna

Director of Development for Family Homestead

“Eric Goodman will take your fundraising and your organization to the next level.”

Shalene M. Onyango