How to Plan for a Charity Event

So, you want to plan a charity event. If this is your first time, you probably have plenty of questions. At Your FUNdraising Team, experienced benefit auctioneer Eric Goodman has hosted many charity events and wants to share his extensive knowledge with you. Your FUNdraising Team serves the community of Denver, Colorado, and locations throughout the country. Call the office today to learn more, or reach out to the team using this website.

Know your budget

Because you are a charity organization, your sources of funding will include donations, ticket sales, and sponsorships to cover the costs of hosting the event. We recommend setting a strict budget to ensure the cost of hosting the charity event doesn’t dip into the profits you are expecting. 

To stretch your budget, we suggest hosting a charity auction as part of the event. Benefit auctions are low-overhead, and they bring fantastic monetary results, especially when you choose a proven charity auctioneer like Eric Goodman.

We also highly recommend a paddle raise or as others would call it fund a need. This is when you ask your guest to donate to your charity. A paddle raise, generally speaking, will double or triple what is raised in the live auction.

An auctioneer hits a gavel at a charity auction.
A large crowd in a ballroom during a charity auction.

Find a venue

You’ll want to find an impressionable venue that also suits your budget. Keep in mind that the venue is usually the most significant cost when hosting a benefit event. But how do you choose the right one?

First, think about your theme and the time of year. For example, if you are hosting your charity event in the summer, you might consider an outdoor space. Or, if your charity benefits kids, consider holding the event in a children’s museum or somewhere similar. 

Also, make sure you choose a venue with enough space to accommodate the turnout. Nothing is worse than choosing a space that is too small and all of the guests crammed together. 

Finally, ensure the venue you choose can accommodate your technological needs. For example, if you are hosting a benefit auction, you’ll need a hookup for a microphone and visual requirements, such as a projector. 

Search for venues that have recently been used for charity events. These venues already understand your needs and are familiar with your clientele and expectations.

Choose a qualified charity auctioneer

Charity events are all about securing donations. And when you choose a qualified benefit auctioneer, you can maximize the donations. And because the auctioneer leads the event, they keep the audience engaged and make the experience memorable. 

When you choose Eric Goodman from Your FUNdraising Team, you can rest assured that he understands the needs of nonprofit organizations. He has the skills to connect with the audience and guide the bidding. 

Don’t think of hiring a professional charity auctioneer as an expense. Instead, view it as an investment in your event that will help maximize profits. 

When you choose Your FUNdraising Team as your benefit auctioneer, you get more than just an experienced auctioneer. The team also assists in auction and timeline strategy, along with advising on mission moments and paddle raise strategy. And because Eric Goodman has years of experience working with nonprofits, he also offers insights into marketing, contracts, item procurement, and developing audiences.

Promote the event

For a charity event to be successful, you need to promote it. But how can you promote while still sticking to your budget? 

Utilize social media. It is a great way to connect with your potential audience without spending money. Use hashtags, and utilize them in each post leading up to the charity event. Encourage people planning to attend the event to use the hashtags as well. 

Make sure your posts update guests regarding information about the event, encourage donations, and highlight facts or inspirational stories. Posting photos and videos is essential. Research shows that people interact with social media posts that include pictures and videos more than ones that don’t. Every post should direct people to attend the event or make a donation.

A man holds a gavel and microphone at a charity event.
Happy participants bidding at a charity event.

Share your results

A nonprofit’s mission doesn’t end after the benefit event, and you’ll want awareness of your cause to continue. In the days after, post pictures and videos of the event on your website and social media accounts. Eric will help do the same on his Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts. 

Make sure to share how the donations are being used, along with human interest and success stories so donors can see their giving in action. If you are offering the donations to a particular cause or organization, make sure to take a picture or video of your team presenting the money. People attended the event because they care greatly about the cause, and they love to see their donations and hard work in action. 

Your FUNdraising Team has the experience to help you plan a profitable charity event. In fact, as a charity auctioneer, Eric Goodman recently procured over one million dollars in donations during a Denver, CO, benefit event. Choosing the right benefit auctioneer is essential in planning your gala. Contact Your FUNdraising Team today for your consultation, or reach out to our team using this website.