Professional Auctioneer in Lakewood, Colorado

Are you looking for a professional auctioneer in Lakewood, Colorado? Lakewood, Colorado, is a large city on the Front Range Urban Corridor and a part of the Greater Denver Metropolitan Region. Two of the largest employers include Jefferson County Public Schools and St. Anthony’s Hospital. The city also features the Lakewood Cultural Center, The Laboratory of Art and Ideas at Belmar, and Heritage Lakewood Belmar Park. All of these essential institutions need consistent funding. 

Your FUNdraising Team understands that supporting these charities, parks, and organizations is critical to maintaining a high quality of life in Lakewood. Yet, acquiring funding is difficult for many nonprofits. Because we are part of the Lakewood community, Your FUNdraising Team takes pride in assisting nonprofits and charities in obtaining essential funding so they can continue their valuable work.

The leading charity and benefit auctioneer in Lakewood is Your FUNdraising Team. Our team’s initiatives maximize donations through exciting and fun events. Are you ready to discover more? To arrange a consultation, give our Lakewood office a call or send us a message online.

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Eric Goodman has a tradition of assisting nonprofits and charities in Lakewood

Eric Goodman is a top auctioneer in Lakewood, Colorado, and he is renowned across the country for heading record-breaking fundraising events. He began his career as a television sports anchor and later worked for many NGOs before combining his valuable skills to found Your FUNdraising Team, an outstanding charity auction house.

Your FUNdraising Team was founded to aid nonprofits and charities through impassioned fundraising, expert auctioneer services, and strategic event planning. Because enthusiasm is one of his core values, it drives all of his endeavors. Through his professional insights and passion, Eric has secured millions of dollars for Lakewood-area schools, organizations, charities, and churches.

Why charity organizations need a benefit auctioneer in Lakewood

Successful fundraising events in Lakewood, CO, require a team that understands your goals and needs. 

Your FUNdraising Team recognizes that a quality charity auctioneer in Lakewood is more than just a master of ceremonies. Eric provides unmatched services by researching everything about your organization and delivering post-event reports on what went well and how your fundraising efforts may be improved in the future.

Eric Goodman uses tried-and-true methods to set Lakewood charity and fundraising events up for success to meet or surpass their donation goals.

Invest in your organization by hiring a professional benefit auctioneer in Lakewood, CO

Charity groups and nonprofits in Lakewood, Colorado depend greatly on fundraising events for their annual funding. And for many, the function comprises the majority of their budget.

Because funding keeps your organization doing its essential work, don’t cut corners when planning your event. Some groups try to use an employee to host a charity event only to find that it brought uninspiring results. Instead, choose a professional auctioneer in Lakewood, like Eric Goodman, to inspire donations and maximize your financial donations. 

Consider Your FUNdraising Team an asset rather than an expense. Eric Goodman, a professional auctioneer in Lakewood, has raised millions of dollars for local charities. As an investment in your fundraising event, Your FUNdraising Team pays off. In fact, he recently raised over $1,000,000 during a charity gala for a local organization.

Why shouldn’t I hire a traditional auctioneer for my fundraising event?

While conventional auctioneers have the word “auctioneer” in their name, they are undesirable for fundraising events since they lack experience generating cash donations for charities and nonprofits. That is because these conventional auctioneers are trained to sell certain products, such as animals, automobiles, and industrial equipment, not host events.

They are unfamiliar with the art of procuring donation money. In addition, the traditional auctioneer’s “fast-talk” technique isn’t suited for a gala-style event. Remember, conventional auctioneers are trained to sell items as rapidly as possible. But with fundraising events, it’s more about making connections and establishing relationships with the audience. Donations are motivated by ensuring your audience feels welcome and connected to the cause. And that is where Your FUNdraising Team shines. 

Know that when you hire Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team in Lakewood, Colorado, you are employing a professional that excels at establishing rapport with your target audience. Before the bidding begins, he makes it a point to get to know each visitor personally. He genuinely cares about your fundraising aims and objectives. Because the purpose of a charity auction is to maximize the benefits throughout the entire room and not just the price of a single item, Eric urges the crowd to collaborate rather than putting certain individuals against one another, as is customary in conventional auctions.

A happy couple standing outside of their home in Spokane, Washington after a successful mold remediation project

Your FUNdraising Team is proud to serve nonprofits and community organizations in Lakewood, Colorado

Your FUNdraising Team employs a hands-on strategy from the weeks preceding the event through its conclusion. Our team will first meet with your organization to establish the auction strategy and develop a schedule. Next, we will discuss tactics for paddle raising and “winning mission moments.”

Eric Goodman is a professional benefit auctioneer in Lakewood that goes above and beyond for your group by aiding with establishing audiences, contracts, item sourcing, and marketing.

Your FUNdraising Team is eager to aid charities, nonprofits, hospitals, churches, and other organizations in Lakewood, Colorado, to acquire the financing they need to flourish. If you need assistance preparing a charity or benefit event, please call our office immediately. You can also contact Your FUNdraising Team online for a consultation.