Professional Auctioneer in Englewood, Colorado

Are you looking for a professional auctioneer in Englewood, Colorado? Englewood, Colorado, is home to many nonprofit and charity organizations. With a population of over 30,000 and being part of the greater Denver metro region, area residents rely on many of the essential services provided by these organizations. Furthermore, the town is known for its vibrant art scene, music venues, and museums. And to stay open, all of these organizations need funding. 

At Your FUNdraising Team, our team understands that funding these important organizations and charities is a difficult task. Because we love Englewood, our team is proud to serve the community by securing funding for these human service and cultural treasures. 

Your FUNdraising Team is the region’s leading benefit and charity auction house. We design strategies to maximize donations while hosting exciting and engaging events. To learn more, call our office to set up a consultation or reach out to our friendly staff online.

Who is Eric Goodman and Your FUNdraising Team?

Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team is the top benefit auctioneer in Englewood, Colorado, and throughout the United States. He spent years gaining experience by working for nonprofits and as a television sports anchor and took those valued skills into his profession as a charity auctioneer. 

Eric created Your FUNdraising Team to provide professional auctioneer services, passionate fundraising, and strategic event consulting. In fact, being passionate is a core value at Your FUNdraising Team. Eric’s passion and energy have helped secure millions of dollars in donations to Englewood area charities, nonprofits, schools, and churches.

Why you need a charity auctioneer for your event in Englewood

If you want to host a successful charity event in Englewood, CO, you need a benefit auctioneer who understands your needs. 

At Your FUNdraising Team, we are more than just the Emcee at your event. Our team offers pre-event consulting to assist in your fundraiser planning and understand your organization from top to bottom, along with post-event reporting on how you can continue hosting successful events in the future.  

In short, our proven strategies put your fundraiser or charity event in the best position to succeed, and we have helped many organizations throughout Englewood achieve their financial goals.

A qualified professional auctioneer is an investment in your organization

Organizations in Englewood are spending hours preparing for important fundraising events. And for many of them, the fundraising event represents a significant portion of their revenue for the year. 

That’s why you shouldn’t cut corners. Some organizations feel like they can get away with using one of their own employees to Emcee the event and lead the benefit auction. That’s not smart because most people don’t have the skill set to maximize donations. 

Therefore, you need to think of a professional charity auctioneer as an investment instead of an expense. In fact, Your FUNdraising Team excels in securing thousands in donations, making the investment in hiring Eric well worth it. In a recent event in Colorado, Your FUNdraising Team was able to procure an organization over $1,000,000.

There are plenty of traditional auctioneers in Englewood, Colorado. Can’t I hire one of them?

No. Traditional auctioneers aren’t familiar with securing donations for nonprofits. All auctioneers aren’t the same. For example, there are auctioneers for livestock, cars, homes and belongings, and much more.

It doesn’t make any sense to hire a livestock auctioneer for a charity event. Why? Because a livestock auctioneer knows cattle, animals, and livestock — not fundraising, benefit events, and nonprofits. 

Their style is different as well. Most auctioneers in Englewood are trained to sell as quickly as possible in a “fast-talk” style. But you don’t want that during a benefit event. Instead, you need a charity auctioneer who can connect and be personable with the audience. For a fundraising event, making the audience feel welcome and connected to the cause is what drives the bids. 

Eric Goodman at Your FUNdraising Team in Englewood, CO, excels at making connections with your audience. That is because he truly cares about your fundraising mission and understands your audience before bidding begins. The goal is to maximize benefits across the entire room, not just the price of a single object. Therefore, Eric gets the crowd to work as a group to fund your organization and doesn’t pit bidders against each other as with traditional auctions.

Your FUNdraising Team goes above and beyond to serve Englewood organizations and nonprofits

Our team takes a hands-on approach with your organization from start to finish. First, our experts meet with you to create a timeline and auction strategy. Then we will discuss “winning mission moments” and paddle raise strategies. 

Your FUNdraising Team goes above and beyond by also assisting in marketing, item procurement, contracts, developing audiences, and more. 

Your FUNdraising Team is ready to assist Englewood, Colorado, nonprofits, charities, schools, museums, and more to procure the funding they desperately need to thrive. If you are planning a benefit or charity event, contact Eric Goodman today. You can also reach out to our team regarding a consultation by using this website.