Professional Auctioneer in Aurora, Colorado

Are you looking for an auctioneer in Aurora, Colorado? Aurora, Colorado, is a thriving city and part of the Greater Denver metro region. With a population of almost 400,000, the residents of Aurora come from diverse cultures. The city is known for its outdoor economy and recreation, with 99 parks and over 103 miles of trails, along with a celebrated arts and music scene. Therefore, many nonprofits and charitable organizations call Aurora, CO, home.

Your FUNdraising Team knows funding these charities and organizations is essential to keep Aurora a great place to live. But obtaining funding isn’t easy. Because we are a part of the Aurora community, Your FUNdraising Team takes pride in helping nonprofits and charities secure funding so they can continue doing their vital work. 

Your FUNdraising Team is Aurora’s top charity and benefits auction house. The strategies designed by our team maximize donations with engaging and exciting events. Are you ready to learn more? Call our Aurora office to schedule a consultation or reach out to our friendly staff online. 

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Eric Goodman has a history of helping Aurora area nonprofits and charities

Eric Goodman is one of the best benefit auctioneers in the country and the top choice in Aurora, Colorado. He began his career as a television sports anchor and also worked for several nonprofits before taking those valued skills to form Your FUNdraising Team — an exceptional charity auction house. 

Your FUNdraising Team was created to assist nonprofits and charities via passionate fundraising, professional auctioneer services, and strategic event consulting. Because passion is one of our core values, it is at the front of everything we do. Via passion and professional insights, Eric has secured millions of dollars for Aurora area schools, nonprofits, charities, and churches.

Why events in Aurora need a professional charity auctioneer

Successful charity events in Aurora, CO, require a benefits auctioneer that understands your needs.

Your FUNdraising Team understands that a quality charity auctioneer is more than just an emcee. That’s why Eric goes above and beyond by learning everything about your organization and providing post-event reporting on what went well and how you can continue to improve your fundraising efforts in the future. 

Eric Goodman utilizes proven strategies to put Aurora fundraising or charity events in the best position to succeed and meet their financial goals. 

Invest in your organization with a qualified professional auctioneer

Charitable organizations and nonprofits throughout Aurora utilize fundraising events as an essential part of their yearly funding. And for many, the event accounts for almost all of their budget. 

Because funding is essential, you shouldn’t cut corners when planning your event. For example, don’t use one of your employees or someone unfamiliar with leading a charity event. Instead, you need a professional like Eric Goodman to maximize donations. 

Think of Your FUNdraising Team as an essential asset instead of an expense. As a professional charity auctioneer, Eric Goodman has secured millions of dollars in donations for area organizations. Teaming with Your FUNdraising Team is worth the investment. In fact, he recently raised seven figures for a local organization during its yearly fundraising event. 

Can I hire a traditional auctioneer for my charity event?

While traditional auctioneers have “auctioneer” in their name, they aren’t the right fit for a fundraising event because they aren’t familiar with securing funding for charities and nonprofits. Instead, traditional auctioneers are trained to sell specific items, like livestock, cars, or industrial equipment. 

Therefore, you don’t want to hire a traditional auctioneer for a fundraising event because they aren’t familiar with the art of securing donations. Furthermore, the “fast-talk” style of a traditional auctioneer isn’t suited to your needs. Remember, these auctioneers are trained to sell products as quickly as possible; but for charity events, it’s not about speed. Instead, you need someone trained to connect with your audience and build rapport. Ensuring that your audience feels welcomed and connected with the cause is what drives donations. 

When you choose Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team in Aurora, CO, know that you are hiring a professional who excels at connecting with your audience. He makes it a point to get to know each guest personally before the bidding begins and truly cares about your fundraising mission and goals. Because the goal of a charity auction is to maximize the benefits across the entire room and not just the price of a single item, Eric prompts the crowd to work as a group instead of pitting certain members against each other like what occurs at traditional auctions.

A happy couple standing outside of their home in Spokane, Washington after a successful mold remediation project

Your FUNdraising Team takes pride in serving Aurora nonprofits and organizations

From the weeks leading up to the event to after it has finished, Your FUNdraising Team takes a hands-on approach. The first step is for our team to meet with your organization to discuss the auction strategy and create a timeline. Next, we review paddle raise strategies and “winning mission moments.”

When you hire Eric Goodman, know that you are getting a professional charity auctioneer who goes above and beyond for your organization by assisting with developing audiences, contracts, item procurement, marketing, and more. 

Your FUNdraising Team is ready to assist Aurora, Colorado, charities, nonprofits, museums, schools, and more to obtain the funding they need to thrive. If you need help planning a charity or benefit event, contact our office today. Or, reach out to Your FUNdraising Team online for your no-obligation consultation.