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Eric Goodman, auctioneer, emcee'ing an event in Colorado.

Experienced Live Auctioneer & Event Fundraising Consultant in Denver, Colorado

A record-breaking fundraiser happens when your organization has excellent pre-event consulting to go with a live auctioneer who connects with your audience to raise the most money.

This is Your FUNdraising Team. Our experience puts your organization in the best position to succeed, while our proven strategies have helped many non-profits far exceed their fundraising goals. 

Hiring a professional auctioneer and fundraiser strategist is important. Hiring a passionate auctioneer who understands your organization can be the difference between having a good night and a record-breaking night. We serve the Denver, Colorado area and beyond.

The Triad of Success for Paddle Raising

  1. Emphasizing Teamwork: We focus on unity. It’s not about single large donations but collective contributions. Imagine 400 participants each raising their paddle for $250, cumulatively reaching $100,000. This method not only raises funds but also fosters a spirit of community and shared purpose.
  2. Real-Time Counting: Keeping donors informed in real-time ignites excitement and encourages further contributions. Demonstrating that even simple addition can lead to a record fundraising night is a part of our unique approach.
  3. Creating Comfortable Tension: Utilizing moments of silence and slight discomfort, we strategically encourage donors to step up. This method has proven to be effective in raising contributions across various levels.
An auctioneer hits a gavel at a charity auction.
Experienced Auctioneer
Our experience puts your organization in the best position to succeed.
Passionate Fundraising
Our passionate auctioneer will connect with your audience to raise the most money possible!
Professional Consulting
Our team is engaged in your cause as soon as you hire us, to ensure you get the best results.

In our vast experience, paddle raises consistently outperform live auctions, primarily because they tap into the joy of giving. Employing our strategic approach — real-time counting, comfortable tension, and leveraging mission moments and plants — we ensure the paddle raise is the highlight of the event, setting a successful tone for the subsequent live auction.

I have never done a fundraising gala where the live auction has outraised the paddle raiser. And every time a new non-profit tells me their live auction always does better, I tell them their numbers are upside down. When their event is over, they see the paddle raise did better at least two to three times more than their live auction and sometimes as much as ten times or even more.

I honestly believe, anyone can do a live auction. I mean, seriously, who can’t sell something, right? But the best benefit auctioneer is the person who can get people to donate when they get nothing in return. This is my secret sauce. It’s a combination of things you may have already read in previous columns like counting in real time, making the room uncomfortable, consulting together on a great mission moment, securing a plant, and keeping the timeline tight.

If all these techniques are executed in our pre-planning and the night of the event, the paddle raise should be the biggest chunk of your fundraising. And if it is, get the money out of the room as quickly as possible by putting it ahead of your live auction.

Explore Our Strategies For a Record-Breaking Fundraising Event

Join us in revolutionizing the world of fundraising. Be a part of our next record-breaking event and witness how these strategies transform the traditional approach to raising funds. Together, we can achieve unprecedented success.

Smiling participants raise bids at a fundraising auction in Colorado.

Professional Auctioneering

Our FUNdraising Team boasts an impressive history of ensuring that your live auction maximizes its revenue potential.

Eric Goodman shakes hands at a fundraising event where he served as auctioneer.

Passionate Fundraising

We have proven strategies to grow your fundraising revenue for paddle raising including emphasizing teamwork, real-time counting, and closing the bar.

Eric Goodman consulting guests at a charity event.

Event Consulting

Our consulting ensures we are connected to your cause the moment you hire us, not just the night of the event.

We Are Experts In Winning Fundraising Strategies

Your auctioneer is more than a voice; they are your guide and strategist. Eric’s role is to create a roadmap, clearly indicating the current total and the next target, transforming each donation into a step toward collective triumph. We offer extensive knowledge in:

Live Auction Strategies
Paddle Raise Strategies
Winning Mission Moment Strategies
Timeline Management Strategies
Event Planning Strategies
Men climbing up a mountain, representing the effort it takes to organize a successful charity auction event.
“If ever I were to bend over backwards and publicly support someone, it is Eric Goodman. This is the last auctioneer you will ever need.”
Brian Johnson
A table of guests raise bid cards at a charity auction in Colorado led by auctioneer Eric Goodman.

professional auctioneer in Denver, Colorado

If you are searching for a professional Denver-area auctioneer, look no further than Eric Goodman of Your FUNdraising Team. Eric has raised millions of dollars for organizations all over the country, and he looks forward to learning more about your organization so you can exceed your goals during your next event.

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